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Wendy Rakestrow's



June 21 Report


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Steve receiving the 'Winger Of The Year Award' from Bill


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Meeting 17th November 2019 at The Poldark Inn.

Notes - Ordinary Meeting

  • Apologies

Mike and Tracey,, Pete Siddalls

  • Matters arising from the meeting held 21st July 2019
  1. Bill thanked Barney and Linda for a lovely cream tea
  2. It was agreed that there would be a recommendation to the AGM to purchase a new tea urn
  • Program suggestions
  1. Bristol Hotel – who was going early
  2. Something after Christmas lunch
    1. It was suggested we had a quiz, Helen to do (Now Chris and Annie)
  3. Meeting in January
    1. Pete to do a talk
  4. Meeting in February
    1. Bill to do a Memorable Moments Powerpoint show – members were asked to send their moments to Bill
  5. Gary Ingram (Gen Sec) has asked to visit D & C
  6. Hotel weekend in March
    1. This is booked at the Bridge Hotel Yatton, Bristol for the weekend 20th to 22nd March
  7. John Hindhaugh (former member of GWOCGB) has offered camping space for any member going to the French Treffen as they live close by.
  8. Camping weekend
    1. It was decided that the camping weekend would be held at Cofton over the weekend of 18th to 20th September 2019.
  • Brief reports
  1. Treasurer
    1. Marian reported on bank balances
  2. WingSpan
    1. Covered at AGM
  3. Webmaster
    1. Covered at AGM
  4. National issues
    1. Members were reminded that membership was due for renewal at the end of December.  They needed to complete a form even if they paid by standing order.
  • AOB
  • There was none.


Notes - Annual General Meeting 17th November 2019

Election of Officers - all officers having agreed to continue in post.  All officers were confirmed for 2019.

Joint Reps: Roger Crook and Chris Easter

Treasurer: Marian Crook

Wingspan: Wendy Rakestrow

Webmaster: Brian Wakeman

Winger of the Year - the names of the 2 members who received the most nominations were read, a paper ballot was then taken.

  • Mike Hassell
  • For the way in which he is always willing to help when help is needed in the true spirit of a good Winger. For his many years of consistent commitment to the Devon and Cornwall Region both by his participation and by planning numerous rides.
  • Steve Warne
  • For taking the Devon and Cornwall name and logo out in the world of GWEF by attending several foreign Treffens. For consistently supporting club activities at a regional, national and international level.

       The majority vote was in favour of Steve Warne

      • AOB
      • There was no other business



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